You can be successful, wealthy, AND have a                        


juicy, passionate 




I've done it and I'll show you how. Because, 


 You Can Have it All!

Hey Beautiful!

My name is Fareen, and I'm so happy to meet you!


I am a Dating, Mindset and Wealth Strategist that will help you attract dream love and empower you to achieve independent wealth, find purpose and vision in life.

I'm also a lawyer, entrepreneur and best selling author. I've been personally trained and certified by world-renowned author Dr. John Gray in gender intelligence and certified as an NLP and Timeline Therapy Practitioner.


I have a unique and specialized method for mastering the mind, overcoming negative emotions and vanquishing negative habitual patterning that blocks the love and wealth you so desperately desire and deserve.


Co-author of Amazon Best Selling Book, Healing

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 In attracting and sustaining healthy love and money, we must first have a deep awareness of ourselves and where we came from - our patterns, our beliefs our stories.


If your life has you left feeling confused, hopeless, and uncertain there are biological, conditioned and behavioural reasons why let me explain…

Did you know that our behaviours are learned conditioned responses from childhood?


Your negative habitual patterning is programming that your brain is hardwired to repeat, but it CAN BE reprogrammed.


Regardless of what your current relationship or money status is right now, even if you are feeling stuck and desperate, it is NOT your fault, you CAN overcome your mind and that you ARE good enough and INFINITELY DESERVING of soul-quenching love & wealth.

The truth is...

what creates angst in finding and keeping love and becoming wealthy are deep-seated triggers, that if not understood, or made aware of, rear its ugly head when our fear response in the brain is activated.

Our brain is designed to self protect. The greater the degree of survival or fear, the more developed the biological brain. So we continue operating and reacting in the same way because we are not provided with the tools to reprogram our conditioned responses. I can help you turn around your love life and help you become wealthy because I too was where you are now. 

When we take radical ownership but also gain a knowledge base of our unique gender differences and biology, we expand our awareness and have the ability to create lasting change within. Together, we will create new neural pathways and sever the networks that have kept you feeling stuck once and for all.  It’s not too late to turn things around. I will teach you how to inspire connection that will rebuild trust and intimacy.

Do you find yourself on an emotional roller coaster in your relationship, feeling open and trusting, to closed, fearful and angry?


Desiring connection only to push him away with your attempts and finding yourself feeling so desperate to feel heard that you lash out or do something drastic to get his attention, which in the end creates further rift?


Maybe you are single or in a relationship that feels hard, and you’re feeling all kinds of emotions such as loneliness, fear, deep sadness or anger.

Perfect Shot

So often what has helped us achieve success professionally, is the very thing that can block us from finding love!


What if I told you that you have what it takes to attract healthy masculine men RIGHT NOW - and that all it takes is a deep understanding of the relationship with you and everything outside of you - that you can have the relationship you are so deeply worthy of and all it requires are a few shifts in understanding how our masculine and feminine energies within us work to attract everything that is outside of us.


 When I understood on a deep level that I was the creator of my reality and took back my power, EVERYTHING changed. I want this for you too -


So much love,




Fareen is an incredibly supportive mentor. Her coaching style feels effortless, almost like I’m speaking to a best friend. 

She is the complete embodiment of feminine energy. Her advice has helped me understand myself, relationships and I have overcome so many negative beliefs thanks to her.

I am forever thankful for all the growth that is directly attributable to her. Fareen continues to be an active part of my life because her mentoring is simply invaluable. For anyone seeking her services, you will be nothing but pleased.

Karanese Single and Dating, South Africa